Heat Wave! And a Healthy Refreshing Drink

HEAT WAVE!   Man it's hot out there! For those of you who live in Toronto, you know how steamy and disgusting it can be here ...

Man it's hot out there!

For those of you who live in Toronto, you know how steamy and disgusting it can be here in the summer. Some dodge the heat by standing in front of the freezer, sticking ice cubes down their pants, even jumping into public fountains...I prefer a more civilized approach. A thirst quenching sugarless summer beverage!

One of my favorites is my frosty and spicy mint lemonade (pictured left). This drink has a lot goin' on. Sweet, tangy, minty...and a little salty and spicy. It's addictive and delicious and since I started making it my husband wants one whenever the temperature rises. I don't mind though because it's ridiculously easy to make. 

Besides being delicious, this thirst-quencher is full of health benefits. It will balance out your electrolytes on a hot day or post-workout, and even help you alkalize your body! 

In addition to making our bodies more alkaline (very good for the immune system) lemon water (and mint) does wonders for the digestive system and helps to gently cleanse the body. Allergy sufferers can also rejoice because lemon water helps relieve asthma and allergies as well as other respiratory issues. And unlike alcohol, lemon water does more than make the drinker 'feel no pain' -- it actually dissolves uric acid which often causes pain and inflammation throughout the body. If you're on a diet, lemon water may help you lose weight as drinking it daily can decrease your appetite and food consumption.

Because this beverage is Stevia-sweetened, the health benefits of this drink remain intact. If you do not have stevia extract or do not like it, and still want a naturally sweet drink, you could try sweetening this drink with lucuma powder, a superfood sweetener that has a maple syrup and citrus like flavor.

My windows are getting steamy so I think it's time I go fix myself a drink.

Spicy Mint Lemonade
Makes 1 large lemonade or 2 small lemonades
  • 1 large organic lemon (juice of) (or for limeonade use the juice of half of 1 large lemon plus juice of half of 1 lime)
  • 1 small handful fresh mint, rinsed in hot water
  • liquid stevia (to taste, I usually use 10-15 drops)
  • dash coarse sea salt
  • 1/4 tsp chilli powder or cayenne pepper
  • Enough filtered water to fill your glass
  • Ice (optional)

Add all ingredients except water to your large drinking glass. Stir thoroughly. Fill up the glass with filtered water. Taste! Add extra lemon or stevia to suit your taste.

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