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Have you tried teff ? Its actually the world's smallest grain and hails from Ethiopia. If you've ever eaten injera , Ethiopian f...

Have you tried teff? Its actually the world's smallest grain and hails from Ethiopia. If you've ever eaten injera, Ethiopian flatbread (very similar to a buckwheat crepe), then you have likely experienced teff. The tiny grain is surprisingly a nutritional powerhouse -- but then again good things tend to come in small packages. Its also naturally gluten free and vegan.

So why am I writing about teff today? I was contacted recently by a lovely lady with a big dream. She wants to share teff with the world in a whole new way -- Dirkosh. Dirkosh is a new company trying to raise money to create the world's first gluten free, vegan and oil free snack made from teff. I have been considerably reducing my oil intake lately (trying to live a more plantbased lifestyle) so I was very intrigued. Why should you consider going oil free? Because oil is now being regarded as not so good for us -- yes even beloved olive oil. Oil is very refined -- essentially a source of empty calories with no nutritional value -- and may actually be making us sick rather than keeping us healthy. 

So why teff and why Ethiopia? Teff is a staple crop in Ethiopia and this new product could increase demand for its production, create jobs for women in need in the area and employ at-risk individuals. Dirkosh Co-founder, Valerie, (who has a Master's Degree in Social Work) is doing her best to ensure that the advent of Dirkosh helps as many Ethiopians as possible. That's something I can totally get on board with. If their crowd funding campaign is a success they will even partner with the UN who is equally excited by the project and prospect of the new export. 

Can't wait to try this new product? They need your help to get their project off the ground! Show them your support!

How You Can Help:

Donate to their crowd funding campaign

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