Big News! Announcing the launch of Our Vegitable!

You read that right, VEGITABLE. I am very excited to announce the launch of my second website - Our Vegitable !  This site has been in ...

You read that right, VEGITABLE. I am very excited to announce the launch of my second website - Our Vegitable

This site has been in the works for awhile but I am finally ready to share it with you! Our Vegitable will be a very different site than Baking Backwards. For starters, after this week's launch, my goal is that the majority of the site's content will be submissions from other food bloggers. I would best describe the new site as a niche recipe sharing and product review blog. But its a lot more than that, trust me.

I should start by mentioning I love recipe sharing sites and submit my posts to them regularly to gain exposure for my blog. What will distinguish this site from the rest of the pack is that all recipes shared will be vegetarian or vegan. There will also be product reviews and all products shared will be vegetarian or vegan friendly. Most importantly, this site is more than a recipe sharing blog like the countless others around -- ahem, Tastespotting, Dessert Stalking etc. Unlike these other sites which are weighed down with content on every page, this site will show only small amounts at a time.

Rather than overwhelm the site visitor with a million thumbnails of recent recipe shares from a million bloggers, this site will share only 9 feature posts at any given time. Each of the 9 feature posts will be devoted to a meal type or product review, for example, Breakfast of the Week. The site will only be updated once a week (Mondays) to give the viewer time to examine each post and learn more about the blogger and blog behind it, rather than missing posts in the blink of an eye (which tends to be the case with the other sites I mentioned above).

 Bloggers will share on this site in the hopes that their content will be read, rather than glanced at and will be given their own MY VEGITABLE GALLERY which they can link to their website. The hungry masses will visit the site in order to discover great recipes that they can plan their week around, to discover amazing new blogs and bloggers from around the world, and to be inspired to eat and prepare vegetarian and vegan foods.

If you are a food blogger, please consider submitting a recipe to the new site, I would love to feature you and your creations there! If you just like food, please follow the blog or at least bookmark it! You never know what you might discover at Our Vegitable!



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